Chicken net for safety of your Chicken

Chicken netting is a barrier that ensures safety of your chicken. It is a fencing that will keep your chicken safe and will keep the predators and pests out. Predators such as foxes, dogs and hawks are eyeing your chicken for their dinner. Same is the case with the pests. They also like to have something yummy before they sleep. There are different kinds of netting that you can do to keep the place safe for your chicken.

Chicken wire is one of the most used item for creating a safe place for chicken. As the name suggests, it is designed especially for the chickens. A thin wire is used to crease it. Wire is woven and it creates a kind of hexagonal opening. Best thing about it is that it is cheap. One thing you need to look for is that it rusts quickly. You must also know that it will not keep the raccoons out. No doubt, it can work perfectly for you as a fence during the day when you can have a good eye on chickens. Many people make use of it in the upper parts of their fence so that they can save some money. If you are also thinking the same, ensure that rodent won’t clime up there because if it does, it can be very painful for you.

Chicken netting

Chicken netting is a barrier that ensures safety of your chicken.

Chicken mesh is popularly known as poultry wire, wire netting and chicken wire mesh. It is a beneficial method of having both commercial and domestic ducks, turkeys and chickens safe. It acts as a big barrier to the predators such as dogs and foxes. Chicken mesh is one of the best available options for smaller areas of domestic poetry where the risk of attack is very small and you can have a good eye on chickens in the day time. It is easy to install and move. It is also used for several other purposes in chemical industries. Apart from that it is used in garden fencing, in construction, in zoos and farms.

Another famous option available these days is a hardware mesh. It is made up of hardware cloth. It is mostly made up of metal or plastic and can help you in the security you need. It is available in stainless steel, galvanized and bar steel. It is considered stronger as compared to the chicken wire.

CHICKENMALLA for the chicken.

CHICKENMALLA as a barrier in the farms replacing traditional poultry meshes.

There are many other options available for the people these days such as electrical fencing and so. When you are looking for safety of your chickens, you need to understand which of the options is more reliable for you. The factor reliability includes all the things. Here you need to think of your comfort as well as safety of your chickens. You have invested on your chickens. Just spend a little more and you will be able to keep your investment safe. You need to make your decision depending on different factors such as area, location and risks involved.

One of the major questions that comes in the mind of people is how tall it should be. The accurate answer to this question, again, depends on numerous factors such as the total area you are covering, location and what kind of predators are there. Generally, anything more than 48 inches is considered safe. However, if you want to keep it short, even 42 inches can serve the purpose to the fullest. 42 inches is safe enough to keep the predators such as dogs and foxes out. It is also easier to handle and light. Above all, it isn’t that much expensive.

 CHICKENMALLA plastic netting.

Chicken coop built with CHICKENMALLA plastic netting.

All of the above mentioned options are available easily everywhere. They come with a lot to offer. They offer security to your chicken, gives you the peace of mind and comfort that your chickens are safe now. Before you buy any one of them, you need to explore more and more about them so that you can make a good decision. They are available in different strengths and sizes. Look for the best and reputed companies in your local market, talk to them and see how they can help you. It is a one-time investment that will surely help you in the long run. A good companie to buy nets with is HORTOMALLAS.

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